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TVs: Where to put them

Corinna vanGerwen

How to integrate the TV into your decor -- or hide it entirely.

Problem: How do you incorporate a TV into your beautifully coordinated decor so it blends in seamlessly and allows you to watch it comfortably?

Solution: It's all about spending time planning the whole room, so form and function come together.

Where to begin?
• Start by choosing a focal point in the room. If it's the TV, place it in the centre of your seating area. If you prefer the fireplace or the view, orient seating to enjoy the focal point, then place the TV on an adjacent wall so it can be viewed comfortably.

• If you own a state-of-the-art plasma flatscreen, LCD set or have a dedicated media room, leave your TV where all can see it.

• A time-honoured solution is to conceal the TV within a freestanding or built-in armoire. Place the TV on a large open unit or built-in bookcase, surround with books, framed photos and decorative objects, and it's less likely to dominate your space.

• With advances in technology, you can recess a TV into the wall behind a two-way mirror (when the TV is on, the image is visible; when it's off, the mirror looks like any other) or hide a wall-mounted set behind a frame or rollaway art.

• If your TV is left visible in a small space, place it in the corner last seen when you enter the room.

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