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Hotel style: St. Paul Hotel, Montreal

Hotel style: St. Paul Hotel, Montreal Author: Style At Home

Hotel Style

Hotel style: St. Paul Hotel, Montreal

When it comes to hotels, the difference is in the details. And when it comes to Montreal's St. Paul Hotel, the details are what make it stand out as the city's premium hotel. Opened in 2001, the St. Paul was the first boutique hotel to be built in Montreal and they made it known – they celebrated the opening with a Hugo Boss fashion show held in the second floor atrium. From that point forward, the St. Paul set the standard for boutique hotels in Montreal, from the fabulous service to the unique design.

On a recent visit to the city, I spent a few nights at the St. Paul and had an opportunity to chat with the lovely Peter Cappello, Room Division Director of the hotel. "The amount of thought put into the hotel's design is extraordinary," says Peter. "There's a big focus on the flow of the space and it being a modern resemblance of nature." The hotel's lobby features a breathtaking fireplace that looks like a wall of burning ice, a reflection of the Canadian landscape. And it's just the design details like this that set the St. Paul apart.

The lobby at Montreal's St. Paul Hotel is a minimalist's dream. With a stunning icy-stone fire wall and chic seating, it's a space that guests use to read the paper or relax with a cup of coffee.


At the St. Paul, no room is the same. With a variety of superior rooms and suites, the rooms range in price from $189-$800 a night depending on the season ($800 will get you a stay in the elusive black suite on the 10th floor -- a dramatic space painted a deep noir).

As for the other rooms, you can expect nothing less than exquisite design. Every room features 12-ft ceilings and a minimalist decor -- you'll notice sparse walls with perhaps one or two modern works of art. Peter attributes this design decision to keeping a keen eye on the furniture featured in the suites. "Since we spent so much time on the design of the hotel, we wanted it to be the main focus," Peter says. "You'll notice that instead of large pieces of artwork, we've installed gorgeous light fixtures and designer furniture sourced from throughout the world."

Peter pointed out incredible pieces of the hotel that had made their way to Canada, from cowskin rugs found at a flea market in Brazil to the stone floor in the hotel lobby that was brought in from Italy. It seems that although materials came from around the world, they still merged together to create a hotel whose design reflects Canada's natural landscape -- reclaimed wood furniture, tranquil colour palettes, stone feature walls and an overall sense of spaciousness.

st-paul-suite-lounge.jpg st-paul-suite.jpg
Suites feature a living and dining area as well as a sleeping space (the suite I stayed in had an open concept design and the sleeping area was closed off by floor-to-ceiling sheers).


All in the details...
  • Each room is stocked with bottled water and a delicious trio of chocolates handcrafted in Montreal specially for the hotel.
  • The second-floor atrium has a casual eating area and a continental breakfast is served daily as part of your stay.
  • Each floor alternates between two different landscapes -- earth and sky. Earth rooms are designed with more texture and a grounded colour scheme, whereas sky rooms are very airy with a lighter palette.
  • Complimentary Wifi is available in all the suites, which I am surprised to find is not always the case in many North American hotels.
st-paul-atrium.jpgThe lounge and eating space in the atrium features the same low-level, modern furniture as the suites, but introduces bold reds in the cushions and drapery.


Before you visit
  • The St. Paul Hotel features 120 rooms and 24 suites, ranging from $189-$800 depending on the season (summer is high season).
  • There are four beautifully-designed meeting spaces on the second floor (inspiring spaces are always best for brainstorming meetings!).
  • The hotel is located in Old Montreal, but other parts of the city are accesible by foot, taxi or metro.
  • Although the city is chock full of amazing restaurants, be sure to check out the dramatically designed Vauvert, the restaurant located just off the hotel lobby. 
  • For reservations:
    (T) 1.866.380.2202
  • For more information on the St. Paul hotel, visit
st-paul-vauvert.jpg Vauvert Restaurant, a dramatic lounge located off the hotel lobby.



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Hotel Style

Hotel style: St. Paul Hotel, Montreal