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7 Design Tips For Decorating With Antiques

7 Design Tips For Decorating With Antiques

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Decorating & Design

7 Design Tips For Decorating With Antiques

Learn how to incorporate antiques into your home with our designer-approved tips.

Perhaps you've inherited an interesting sofa from your grandmother, or you found the perfect grandfather clock at the local flea market—but how do you seamlessly incorporate these pieces into your home??

Combining the old and the new is an art. It creates a nostalgic atmosphere, giving your home personality. Plus, objects that are lived-in are more inviting than brand-new ones.

Use these helpful design tips to seamlessly add antiques into your home.

Not sure where to shop for antiques? These are our go-to stores across the country.

Only buy items you truly love


Don't just grab something because it's an antique! Take your time to look for pieces that resonate with you and will love for years to come.

Re-upholster your antiques


Give your antique armchair or sofa a fresh look with new fabric. You can go vintage or add a modern touch with a funky pattern.

Avoid living in a museum


Avoid cluttering your space and creating a museum-like look when filling your home with antique furniture and art. Your home is for living, not just looking.

Use antiques as accent pieces


Don't shy away from smaller antique items in favour of big pieces. They can still add impact to your design, especially when placed alongside your other, more modern decor.

Balance it out


It might look odd if your entire home is modern, but you have one piece of antique furniture. Remember to balance the new and old so one doesn't overpower the other.

Don't neglect the kitchen and bathroom


Although your first instinct might be to place all your "nice" items in the living room and the bedroom, don't neglect the other areas of your house, like the kitchen and the bathroom. Look for an antique clock or dresser..

Switch out modern lighting for antiques


Incorporate classic style into your home by changing out modern lamps and light fixtures for antique ones. They'll look much more interesting than anything you could get in popular stores!





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Decorating & Design

7 Design Tips For Decorating With Antiques