Best Canadian Cities For Antiquing

Best Canadian Cities For Antiquing

Photography, Lany-Jade Mondou,


Best Canadian Cities For Antiquing

We love a good antique and vintage find—they're full of personality!

Who doesn't love walking through a flea market or an antique shop, wondering what lives the items have lived before ending up on the shelves in front of you? Antiques are an easy way to add personality and character to your home.

If you love collecting beautiful vintage decor, consider visiting one of these Canadian cities.

Barrie, Ontario



Photography, courtesy of Sanford & Son Emporium

Barrie's historic downtown and waterfront make this city a great tourism destination. While you're there, make sure to check out its many specialty shops and vintage boutiques.

Visit: Sanford & Son Emporium (272 Innisfil St.)

Woodstock, Ontario


On top of looking like it's straight out of a movie, Woodstock is also home to Canada's largest antique mall (97 Wilson Street). Definitely worth checking out!

Visit: One Of A Kind Antique Mall (97 Wilson St.)

Quebec City, Quebec


Quebec City is truly a picturesque destination on every level. Not only does it feel like you're walking through a European town with its cobblestone streets, but you can also rejoice at the never-ending antique boutiques throughout the city.

Visit: Antiquités Bolduc (89 rue Saint-Paul)

Vancouver, B.C.


This one may seem counterintuitive because of its big city status, but Vancouver is actually home to the Antique Warehouse (226 S.W. Marine-Drive); a market spread over 12,000 square feet and filled to the brim with vintage finds from all eras.

Visit: Antique Warehouse (226 SW Marie-Drive)

Montreal, Quebec


A walk along the Plateau neighbourhood of Montreal or Notre-Dame street will be a fruitful expedition if you're looking for great antique finds. There are also plenty of flea markets just out of town, so make sure to go there if you're travelling by car!

Visit: Spazio (8405 Blvd. Saint-Laurent)

Regina, Saskatchewan


Saskatchewan's capital isn't only a glorious scenery (although it's a dream to visit). Make sure to pass by the Regina Antique Mall (1175 Rose St.), a 21,000 square feet large retail space full of vintage and antique treasures.

Visit: Antique Mall (1175 Rose St.)





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Best Canadian Cities For Antiquing