Budget Decorating

Renter-Friendly Upgrades For A Cozy Home

Renter-Friendly Upgrades For A Cozy Home

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Budget Decorating

Renter-Friendly Upgrades For A Cozy Home

Make a dream home in your temporary apartment or house with these renter-friendly upgrades.

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford property. Although renting is a great option for a living situation, unfortunately, a lot of leases stop you from creating the design of your dreams.

These renter-friendly upgrades are a great way to level up your home on a budget.

Peel and stick everything


Turn your boring kitchen and bathroom floors unique by purchasing peel-and-stick tiles. They're available in tons of fun colours. It's an easy project you can do on your own, and you can use the same technique for counters if they need sprucing up too!

Removable wallpaper


Not all places allow renters to paint the walls, so consider getting removable wallpaper. It's a great way to add personality to your home by placing it on all the walls of a room of your choice or by creating an accent wall.

Check out our favourite wallpaper trends for 2024.

Change your light fixtures


Good lighting makes all the difference when it comes to a temporary living situation. Get a light fixture that fits your style, or embrace ambient lighting. Plus, you can take your beautiful fixtures with you if you move..

Check out our best flush-mounted and pendant ceiling lights.

Custom door knobs


You can find beautiful door knobs in pretty much any decor store to replace the standard ones in your home or consider looking for unique ones at your antique shop.

Use curtains to separate rooms


Curtains aren't just for windows! You can use curtains in lieu of doors, to hide cabinets or to separate a room.





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Budget Decorating

Renter-Friendly Upgrades For A Cozy Home