5 Paint Colours That Complement Pink

5 Paint Colours That Complement Pink

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5 Paint Colours That Complement Pink

Add a soft, romantic feel to your home with these pink colour combinations.

Pretty in pink is always in vogue! Although it's not the colour we usually reach for at the paint store, pink can completely transform your home, adding a romantic flare or bold personality depending on the shade you choose.

Wondering what other colours look good with pink? These five are our favourites:



Pink and green is one of our favourite combos. The two colours balance each other, creating a fun, unique interior with a vintage Americana feel.



If you're looking for a way to add personality to your home, consider using pink and yellow together. This dynamic duo is as playful as it gets!



White and pink can look soft and romantic, or together, they can add an element of feminine glamour to your home. 



Blue accents stand out against pink, so consider adding this colour as furniture or decor. We also love blue-patterned decor, like the wallpaper picture above.

These colours also look great with blue.



Chic and majestic, a purple and pink combination looks regal and luxurious. If you incorporate these two colours, make sure to play around with textures and lighting.

Special mention: Marble


While not a colour per se, marble accents look beautiful alongside pink. It adds depth and modernity to this subdued, vintage hue.





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5 Paint Colours That Complement Pink