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Valentine’s day flower arrangements we’d love more than roses

Valentine’s day flower arrangements we’d love more than roses


Plants & Flowers

Valentine’s day flower arrangements we’d love more than roses

Roses are red, but they're also a little played out too. 

Look, there’s no question that roses are a classic for good reason—their heady scent and bold blossoms have secured them at the centre of Western romantic rituals seemingly since time immemorial. But, quite frankly, unless roses happen to be your very favourite flower, there’s something a little lacklustre about getting them for Valentine’s Day. After all, with so many other flowers in season at the same time, wouldn’t it be nice to have an arrangement that reflects the plants you actually love? With many Canadian florists offering jaw-droppingly gorgeous arrangements that don’t centre around roses, there’s no time like the present to mix it up on Valentine’s Day.


Peachy Keen

Blossom & Vine Floral Co. used the word “juicy” to describe these blooms, and we couldn’t agree more. Giant peony blossoms the colour of ripe watermelon take centre stage in this arrangement, with pale pink anthurium, a couple of peachy roses (which we don’t mind as accents!), and some greenery rounding everything out. As a bonus, the vintage tin that they’re arranged gets bonus points for being extra cute. 

Spring Forward

The blend of cream tones and bright greens in this stunning Wild North Flowers creation is like spring in a vase and would add a little playful romance to even the dreariest February. Those dreamy chrysanthemums really steal the show (who would have thought beige could be so beautiful?), with some added flair from the ranunculus, orchids and hyacinths. As a bonus, Wild North only uses locally-grown flowers, so every blossom in this bouquet came supported a Canadian grower. 

Under the Sea

If you’ve ever secretly harboured a dream of being a mermaid, this arrangement from Bloma Fleuriste is just what you need. There’s incredible texture from the lotus pods, succulents and greenery. Add to the mix those green orchids and purple anemones (to say nothing about that perfect, single chrysanthemum), and you have a truly showstopping arrangement. 

Favouring the Bold

Who said that a bouquet had to be complicated in order to be beautiful? This anthurium arrangement from Sweet Peas proves that sometimes less is more. The minimalist adornments allow the shocking lipstick-red colour and the sculptural elements of the flowers to really shine. (And if the recipient happens to be a Carmen Sandiego fan, all the better.)

Pretty in Pink

This sparkling pink and silver bouquet from Celsia Floral is like a fairytale come true. The chrysanthemums expressively unfurl in massive, taffy-pink blooms, set against the pale ballet-slipper rose of the orchids. The silver detailing in the arrangement is just the right touch—a hint of glimmer and sparkle, without becoming overwhelming. 

The Whole Package

Now, a gorgeous flower arrangement is an achievement in its own right — and what’s not to love about the lilies, ranunculus, hyacinth, and tulips all playing off of each other in a gorgeous peaches-and-cream feast by Coriander Girl? But the fact that it happens to come with locally-made artisanal chocolate and massage oil from Ontario’s Prince Edward County is what makes this arrangement a truly irresistible one. 


Texture Talk

This hydrangea-centric bouquet (also from Blossom & Vine Floral Co.) is a masterpiece in textural mixings. We can’t get enough of the delicate petals offset with tiny, nubby berries, primly ruffled carnations, blushing peonies, robust anthurium and also the subtly interspersed twigs and other dried plants for variety. Move over, roses, this is one of the most romantic arrangements out there. 



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Plants & Flowers

Valentine’s day flower arrangements we’d love more than roses