5 Interior design trends going viral on TikTok

5 Interior design trends going viral on TikTok

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5 Interior design trends going viral on TikTok

You may or may not be a fan of TikTok, but we can’t deny that it’s a fun and useful tool to get inspiration for new ways to decorate our homes.

Here are the most-loved and viewed interior design trends on the platform right now:

1. Cottagecore


@kathykuohome Neutral hues and the cottage core style intertwine seamlessly to create a beautifully cozy home. 🏡🌿 #CottageCoreDecor #homedecor #interiordesign ♬ where is my mind (piano version) - your movie soundtrack

Over the last two years, the cottagecore aesthetic has seen a rise in popularity. From artisanal wood furniture to floral patterns and fine China, these elements evoke a sense of nostalgia and make you feel like you’re living in the countryside—even if you’re actually located in the heart of a bustling city.

2. Grandmillennial


@classicallyjill Grandmillennial home #grandmillennial #grandmillennialdecor #grandmillennialstyle ♬ Acoustic Guitar Stroll - Dow Brain

Cottagecore’s older sister, grandmillennial draws inspiration from your grandmother’s living room but adds a modern flair. Combining bold patterns and heirloom furniture, this style rebels against the monochrome looks of the past decade and combines maximalism and minimalism.

3. Curated maximalism


@joshandmattdesign Your interior should focus on what makes you happy, not how it would appeal to the outside world 🤗🫶🏼 #apartment #interior #home #maximalism ♬ End Of Line but better - _King_Dingus_

Move over, minimalism and monochrome! The maximalist trend is taking centre stage. If you’re tired of trying to find the perfect tone of beige to fit the rest of your house, then perhaps maximalism is the style for you. Bold colours, mixing patterns, and trinkets all around; maximalists aren’t afraid to mix and match the sentimental with the fun, showing personality through bold interiors.

4. Mid-century eclectic


@hausbyg Bliss 🕊️ #homeinterior #homeinspo #roomtour #hometour #loft #loftapartment #eames #homedecor #eclectic #midmoderncentury ♬ original sound - HausByG

As the name suggests, this trend is the eclectic take on its classic mid-century counterpart. Both styles are a juxtaposition of natural and synthetic, classic and modern, but mid-century modern looks less busy while eclectic allows for more freedom. Feel free to decorate with as many lamps and accent chairs as your heart desires.

5. Danish pastel


@kaerukeki Nothing better than a fresh start :3 . . . #interiordesign#interiordecor#danishpastel#aesthetichome#rearrangemyroom ♬ original sound - Loi

The young, ambitious up-and-comer of the group, Danish pastel decor has been getting some traction on social media as of late. This style is characterized by, well, pastel colours and Scandinavian modern simplicity. Lovers of the Danish pastel trend enjoy integrating fun shapes and colours into their homes, focussing on lines and eclectic accents.




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5 Interior design trends going viral on TikTok