8 ways to make your bedroom more relaxing

8 ways to make your bedroom more relaxing

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8 ways to make your bedroom more relaxing

There's truly nothing better than waking up from a restful night of sleep!

Since we spend more than a third of our lives sleeping, our bedrooms should be an oasis where we can feel safe and stress-free.

Here are a few practical tips for transforming your bedroom into a relaxing feng shui sanctuary.

1. Keep your bedroom clean

For optimal comfort, make sure you keep your bedroom clean by dusting it weekly. Wash your sheets frequently and make your bed every day; this is the most important habit that will benefit the way you feel when you're in your bedroom.


2. Declutter

A number of studies have shown how clutter can increase stress levels, especially in women. In order to stay as zen as possible, make sure that your things are in the right places. We suggest keeping only the essentials in the bedroom—clear off your bedside table so that only the items you use daily are there.

3. Choose warm lighting

Lighting has a major impact on our mood. Avoid lighting that is too cold at all costs—it’ll make it harder to feel cozy. We recommend choosing warm lighting ( around 1000k to 3000k) to create a cozy atmosphere that is optimal for relaxation.

4. Focus on scents

Use your favourite scented candles or a diffuser to create a dreamy atmosphere in your bedroom. We particularly like lavender in the evening, and amber and oak during the day.

5. Choose lamps

Accent lamps are an essential part of any bedroom. When the sun goes down, use ambient lighting to keep your mood calm.


6. Don’t forget plants

Plants naturally purify your home’s air. Choose ones that are especially good for the bedroom, like aloe or pothos.

7. Use earthy tones

Brown, beige, orange, black, beige, khaki, etc., are earthy colours with relaxing properties. These more neutral colours make any space look more inviting and cozy. Whatever you do, avoid these colours.


8. Get a rug

The softness of a rug is the perfect addition to any bedroom. To complete your sanctuary, choose a cozy, warm rug. You'll immediately feel more relaxed once it’s unrolled.



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8 ways to make your bedroom more relaxing