What Is Colour Drenching? A New Paint Trend

What Is Colour Drenching? A New Paint Trend

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What Is Colour Drenching? A New Paint Trend

Colour drenching is a simple, straightforward approach to colour.

When it comes to using colour, everyone has a different approach. Some people love experimenting with different styles, using their walls as a blank canvas for creativity. Others prefer to err on the safe side and steer clear of bold choices, favouring minimalism and traditional decor, opting for subtle pops of colour throughout their house.

Colour drenching, a new paint trend, is the antithesis of accent walls and subtlety. It literally involves drenching—or rather, painting— an entire room in the same colour. It's a monochromatic approach to introducing colour into your home, making any room more elevated and atmospheric. 


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Typically, you paint mouldings and ceilings a different colour from your walls. Colour drenching encourages you to forego tradition and embrace a single colour.

Choosing a single colour, or different shades of the same colour, for a room can enhance the mood (like the entirely green bedroom featured in the video) and add a touch of modernity to a classic design. Of course, you have to be mindful of the room if you decide to incorporate this trend; make sure you have plenty of natural light so it doesn't feel too stuffy and overwhelming and that you choose a paint finish that works with the overall look.

Here are some of our favourite examples that prove colour drenching works when done right.

Moody living room



The dark, moody walls and ceiling of this living room are balanced by the natural tones of the floors, furniture and mantel.

Sunny disposition



We love how the yellow of this office is accentuated by all the natural light from the many windows.

Soothing sage



This bathroom, drenched entirely in sage, is great for a self-care moment. The light green shade says, "calm."

Traditional meets modern



Although the general design and layout of the room are traditional, the fact that the entirety of its walls and ceiling are painted salmon makes it seem more modern. It also works great with the contrasting furniture.

Pretty in pink



This romantic yet modern kitchen is the perfect example of how using different shades of the same colour can create dimension.





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What Is Colour Drenching? A New Paint Trend