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14 Staging Tips That Will Help Sell Your Home Fast

14 Staging Tips That Will Help Sell Your Home Fast

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Tips & Tricks

14 Staging Tips That Will Help Sell Your Home Fast

When the times comes to sell your home, put your best foot forward.

A few inexpensive upgrades and pretty decor can make the difference in the number of days your home spends on the market and the number of offers you receive.

Experts agree that sellers should budget 1-2% of the sale price on small enhancements and staging.

Here are 14 home staging tips to help you sell your home:


1. Remove family photos and personal belongings

Before starting the selling process, depersonalize your home as much as possible. Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in the home—not your home! Remove family photos from walls, travel souveniers from shelves, beauty products from the vanity, medications from bedside tables, etc.


2. Clear the kitchen counter

A practical kitchen with enough counter space is critical for many buyers. Highlight your space by removing small appliances, the salt and pepper shakers, your tongs and utensils, and anything else that takes up space.


3. Refresh your walls

A new coat of paint can only help! Try one of these colours that makes your home look expensive. If you have any bright or bold colours on the walls, we suggest softening everything with white, beige or pale grey.


4. Camouflage Imperfections

You don't want to hide major defects—they'll usually be found in inspections anyways. But a little scratch on the floor can easily be concealed with a carpet.


5. Think about lighting

Lighting fixtures set the tone for your home—you get get stylish pendant and ceiling lights and floor lamps at big box stores! If yours aren't too dated, clean them and change the bulbs so they're the same colour throughout your home. 


6. Pick one statement

Sometimes all it takes is adding a piece of art, creating an accent wall or just a large plant to draw in a buyer's eye.


7. Add storage

Don't give potential buyers the impression your home lacks storage. Make sure there isn't anything lying around and that your space is decluttered during open houses. You might want to buy storage furniture for extra help.


8. Change kitchen hardware

You'll be shocked at the huge difference a new tap or drawer pulls can make.


9. Try An accent wall

Try a trendy colour on the wall or give wallpaper a go. It'll add a little touch of personality to an otherwise neutral home. Just make sure your choice is on trend!


10. Trial new furniture placement

Take a day to try different furniture configurations. In the living room, try removing the sofa from the wall so it touches your large area rug. In the bedroom, orient the bed towards the window. You want a space that's easy to move around and highlights the home's best features.


11. Pay attention to odours

Smells play a huge role in a visitors' experience. Whether you have a pet or not, make sure to light an essential oil diffuser or candle during open houses. Opt for light scents, like lemon or eucalyptus.


12. Fix small issues

Repair any small problems that interfere with everyday life: a cabinet door that doesn't close properly, damaged molding, loose faucets, crumbling bath caulking and so on. Most small repairs can be done yourself at no cost and make a big difference.


13. Clean from top to bottom

You must clean everything before an open house or buyer tour. From floor to ceiling, inside and out! If cleaning isn't your specialty or you don't have the time, call in the professionals.


14. Decorate

Decor should no longer reflect your personality—it's about creating a neutral home. Decorate in a simple but effective way, using mirrors, cushions, neutral illustration, plants, candle holders, etc. Everything needs to follow a common thread—all of your rooms have to make sense together.




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Tips & Tricks

14 Staging Tips That Will Help Sell Your Home Fast