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Housekeeping: removing red wine stains

Throwing a dinner party in an all-white interior can be quite stressful (that’s my all-white home below!) Even though you may want to only serve white wine and soda water you can’t or your guests are going to think you’re crazy! Up until now I have entertained guests my home and just hoped for the best. Until now. Recently I was at an OxiClean event and I found the answer on how to prevent red wine from staining on my upholstery and carpeting.

favot livingroom Housekeeping: removing red wine stains

Photograph by Stacey Van Berkal


around town: cabbagetown

Have you heard of Cabbagetown?? Located in Toronto’s East End, this historical community is minutes away from Yorkville, Leslieville and the heart of downtown. It is also where I call home!!! Since living here for the past 3 years my love affair for this neighbourhood has solidified, and I continue to look forward to learning more about the history surrounding this area as well as the growth and opportunity it promises!

CABBATOWN LCD SAH around town: cabbagetown

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recipes: easter cookies

I’m always amazed at how talented people are when it comes to creating beautiful treats from scratch. I’m not talking about professional bakers and all those goodies you find behind glass cases at trendy bakeries. I’m more inspired by regular people who teach themselves tricky techniques and pour their hearts into making pretty, Pinterest-worthy recipes that delight everyone who sees (and tastes!) them.

More than any other time of year, the holidays tend to inspire us and get our creative juices flowing. Earlier this week, my incredibly talented neighbour Marian gave me and my family this amazing plate of Easter cookies and I was so blown away. How pretty!

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editor’s pick: eco etsy napkins

Everyone’s hopped up about Easter, but there’s another upcoming holiday to look forward to, Earth Day, which is on April 22. To some, April is known as Earth Month, and to honour it, I’m compiling my favourite eco-friendly offerings from the Etsy-sphere. The online marketplace seems a natural focal point as it is a certified B Corporation, meaning it’s met rigorous standards of environmental and social accountability. Today’s pick is Jaqs Studio, a textiles shop based out of Clayton, California. Hand sewn by owner Q, the eco merchandise includes quilts, placemats and toss cushions, in addition to a wide array of napkins. Check out the most swoon-worthy in the bunch.

Jaqs Studio Napkin 12 editors pick: eco etsy napkins

Large cotton Eco-Friendly Cloth N1333 napkins, $16 US per set of 4, Jaqs Studio.

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decor vs. fashion: floral duvet or dress?

Spring is officially in the air, ladies and gentleman! With pretty flowers just beginning to break ground, it’s time to bring spring into your home and wardrobe with a beautiful cherry blossom print. Decorate with florals using Amara’s pink cherry duvet cover or add a sartorial garden to your wardrobe with Lipsy’s petal print sundress this season.

If you saved up $100 for a spring shopping spree, which item would you pick–the cherry blossom duvet or dress?
decor fashion spring florals decor vs. fashion: floral duvet or dress?
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inspired by easter: my favourite pastels

With Easter only days away,  I can’t help but be inspired by the beautiful chalky pastel eggs I have been seeing on Instagram and Pinterest. It reminds me how much I love pastels and how beautiful they can look in your home, plus they pair beautifully with my favorite colour grey.  Here are a few of my favorite pastel items on the market.

Eggs inspired by easter: my favourite pastelsPhotography by Michael Graydon

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the blues

On a chilly day like the one we are currently experiencing here is Toronto, I find myself seeking solace in anything resembling warm weather!! I have always been attracted to the colour blue, it is so grounded, and yet versatile . I relate my love of blue to many beautiful days spent outdoors as a child enjoying the vibrant summer sky, and family vacations by the ocean.

BLUES2 the blues

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editor’s pick: beautiful serving bowl

How beautiful is this Brushstroke bowl from Provisions by Food52? It’s also available in the most lovely mint shade, and just perfect for serving Easter dinner or brunch.

ServingBowl editors pick: beautiful serving bowl

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gluten-free goodness: cookie dough balls

As a kid, the best part of my mom baking cookies was licking the spoon, the bowl and the attachments to the stand mixer. At the time, obviously, I wasn’t thinking about the risk of eating raw cookie dough. For all those cookie dough lovers out there (myself included), I’ve found the perfect solution: a healthy (yes!), gluten-free (yes!), salmonella-free (yes!) alternative. Believe it or not, these raw cookie dough balls are made with chickpeas, along with other ingredients like chocolate chips and almond butter. They’re decadent and protein-packed! This recipe by Elissa Goodman is a win-win for me. For the complete recipe, check it out here.

raw cookie dough balls gluten free goodness: cookie dough balls

editor’s pick: i could eat a horse spaghetti measurer

We’ve all been there. Cooking dinner, whether for one, four or 10, and vastly under- or over-estimating just how much food to make. For me, pasta is the worst culprit. I have a pretty tough time eyeballing just how much pasta I’ll need. So, imagine my delight when I found THIS:

i could eat a horse spaghetti measure editors pick: i could eat a horse spaghetti measurer
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