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How to: Create a pretty holiday porch

Take your porch from flat to festive with these 14 great holiday decorating ideas.

9 How to wrap garland on a porch banister
Swag the garland around the topmost rail of the banister, allowing swaths of it to hang evenly, and tie it into place using florist wire, fishing line, or even sewing thread.

10 How to dress up faux garland
“To save time and money, this neat little shortcut turns inexpensive artificial garlands into something grand,” says P. Allen Smith in Living in the Garden Home. "Buy several long strands [of faux garland] and cover them with clusters of bundled live evergreen stems. Then wire on accents of pinecones, seed heads, and berried branches to give them more color and interest."

11 How to hang Christmas lights
Go for LED lights that match your colour scheme – they come in every hot shade these days – and hang them using a ladder-free gutter clip kit by St. Nick’s Choice.

12 How to let the kids do some of the decorating
Keep the look more posh than preschool by flanking the door with two small potted Christmas trees and let the kids trim them. Homemade white paper snowflakes taped on the window go are a charming addition to any front porch and a reminder not to take things too seriously. It’s Christmas time!

13 How to make sure everything is in an optimal spot

When you’re in the midst of decorating, it’s easy to get so caught up in the details that you can’t tell if your project looks quite right. Get some perspective by snapping a digital picture. It will help you see if your urn needs more height or if the wreath is too low, for instance.

14 How to keep evergreens fresh
Keep outdoor cut evergreens fresh by spritzing them with room temperature water as often as you can, at least once a week.


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