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10 Parisian Decor Trends We're Copying

10 Parisian Decor Trends We're Copying

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Decorating & Design

10 Parisian Decor Trends We're Copying

For romantic decor inspired by the city of lights, follow these tips!

Parisians do everything with a distinctive style, from the way they dress to how they decorate their homes. The smallest details make all the difference, and it seems every corner looks effortlessly curated.

You don't need much to achieve an interior worthy of the prettiest Parisian apartments; some art, delicate tableware, colourful linens and vintage pieces.

Interested? Here are the 10 Parisian decor trends to copy:

1. Decorate with flowers


Parisians love their flowers! Fresh or dried, a bouquet is a beautiful addition to any room.

These are the prettiest spring floral arrangements for a breath of fresh air.

2. The art of setting a table


It's not just a myth that the French love good food! In every home, dining room tables are always decorated as if there will be a large buffet, even when there are only a few guests. Think candles, beautiful plates and unique glassware.

3. Mix the old and the new


Flea markets are very popular in France and across Europe in general. Whether it's in the small village of Provence or throughout the city's streets, vendors sell unique items from their stalls almost every weekend throughout summer. Fill your home with family heirloom items or visit a local antique store to look for treasures.

4. Add life through colour


Not all apartments are white and minimalist, although Instagram will have us believe otherwise. Play around with primary colours, and don't be afraid to show off your personality!

Find out what colour theory is and how you can use it in your home.

5. Invest in designer items


Many Parisians like to invest their money into timeless, quality items instead of following trends that change every season. However, if you don't have the budget for a real designer piece, consider getting a high-quality dupe that's easier on the budget.

6. Switch up your bed placement


Placing your bed against the window is gaining popularity recently. However, if your apartment or house doesn't allow for that, you can still spruce up the look of your bed with colourful linens or with a cute canopy!

7. Add whimsy


Don't overdo it, but add some out-of-the-ordinary decoration to your home: a sea lion lamp, for example, will bring a touch of whimsy to your living room that'll make all the difference!

8. Show off your books


Whether you put them on shelves that grace your walls or carefully place books on a coffee table, this simple touch will add a unique je ne sais quoi to your home. The more, the better!

Ever heard of bookshelf wealth? Find out what it is here.

9. Make your home into a museum


Picasso or Matisse reproductions adorn the walls of Parisian apartments. Decorate your home with carefully curated art, and you'll feel like you're walking through the halls of the Louvre or the Musée d'Orsay.

10. Collect candles


Parisians—and us!—are obsessed with collecting candles. They can be found on coffee tables, shelves and sometimes even on the floor.




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Decorating & Design

10 Parisian Decor Trends We're Copying