5 Bathroom Trends Taking Over In 2024

5 Bathroom Trends Taking Over In 2024

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5 Bathroom Trends Taking Over In 2024

Your bathroom should be sanctuary for fun and relaxation.

Whether you like drawing inspiration from neutral tones and natural accents or statement pieces and bold colours, there is something out there for everyone.

We saw these trends at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the leading event for the bathroom and kitchen industry, and are sharing them with you.

Here's everything we're trying in our bathrooms this year:

3D ceramics


3D ceramics are going to be everywhere in the coming year. These textured tiles feature geometric shapes, florals or more abstract designs are a great addition to a bathroom wall, mantle or kitchen backsplash.

Funky wallpaper


Wallpaper is taking the design world by storm! It adds personality and colour to your bathroom. Opt for a unique, abstract motif for a splashy look.



Whether in the living room or the bathroom, textured furniture is a must for this year. Think grooved wooden furniture reminiscent of nature.



A soft pink, a fresh mint green or a powdery blue will spruce up your bathroom walls in a gentle way. You can also use these shades for your bathtub and sink or pair them with darker colours for a stylish look.

Invisible drains


Invisible drains are the next big thing, especially if you want to have a modern and seamless look in your bathroom. They can be tucked away under slats or integrated into the tiling. Hidden drains give the shower an elegant, refined feel.





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5 Bathroom Trends Taking Over In 2024