Sep 15, 2014

Our sweetest pastry recipes


Our sweetest pastry recipes Author: Style At Home

Sep 15, 2014

Our sweetest pastry recipes


From tarts to macarons to pies, bake one of these delicious pastry dessert recipes tonight.

best-pastry-recipes-tart.jpg Rhubarb frangipane tart
This impressive rhubarb frangipane tart is the perfect decadent summertime dessert.

best-pastry-recipes-lemon.jpg Meyer lemon pine nut tart
A fresh lemon tart for summer that will have you opening the windows and singing a tune.

best-pastry-recipes-napoleans.jpg Greek yogurt strawberry napoleons
Food stylist and recipe developer Tanya Eng creates a fruity, flaky pastry treat that calls to the lighter fare and delicate flavours of spring.

best-pastry-recipes-macarons.jpg Almond macarons
Filled with raspberry jam or chocolate ganache, these almond macarons are sure to be a hit in your home.

best-pastry-recipes-meringues.jpg Mamie Jojo’s meringues
Decadent meringues filled with chocolate ganache make the perfect afternoon treat.

best-pastry-recipes-eclair.jpg Eclairs with pistachio cream
A fluffy pastry filled with buttery pistachio cream glazed with decadent chocolate.

best-pastry-recipes-madeleines.jpg Madeleines with burnt honey cream
The sweet, spongy cakes make for sophisticated snacking, especially when delicately dipped (pinky fingers up!) into a bowl of delicious burnt honey cream.

best-pastry-recipes-caramel.jpg Dark chocolate salted caramel tarts
A simple box of shortbread cookies helps create a these decadent chocolate salted caramel tarts.

best-pastry-recipes-citrus.jpg Citrus mascarpone tart
This delectable tart combines sweet with savoury to make a dessert that's much easier to prepare than it looks.

best-pastry-recipes-mini.jpg Mini peach pies with bourbon cream
The sugary sweetness of ripe peaches and the savoury flavour of fresh rosemary combine to put a unique spin on an iconic dessert.

best-pastry-recipes-pecan.jpg Chocolate espresso pecan pie
Is there anything better than coffee and chocolate? How about a delicious pecan pie that combines both!

best-pastry-recipes-bun.jpg Caramel sticky buns
Add a little something extra to your weekend brunch menu with these delicious caramel sticky buns!

best-pastry-recipes-cream.jpg Blueberry cream puffs
Topped with a light whip and a handful of fruit, these blueberry cream puffs will have you singing for warmer weather.

best-pastry-recipes-pavlova.jpg Nigella Lawson's cappuccino pavlova
A fruit-free pavlova that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving.

best-pastry-recipes-whoopie.jpg Red velvet whoopie pies
These sweet red velvet whoopie pies make a great Valentine's Day treat.

best-pastry-recipes-mom.jpg Mom's sky-high lemon meringue pie
Combined together, the flaky crust, mouth-watering lemon filling and sweet meringue topping all make up this delicious pie.

best-pastry-recipes-violet.jpg Violet macarons
You won't be able to resist this violet macaron - the creamy vanilla-violet filling is dreamy!

best-pastry-recipes-mazurek.jpg Orange and almond mazurek
For dessert, try this delicious orange and almond mazurek. It's a Polish favourite!

best-pastry-recipes-butter.jpg Butter tarts
Quintessentially Canadian and sinfully sweet, these gooey butter tarts are impossible to resist.

best-pastry-recipes-pear.jpg Almond and pear tart
An easy-to-make and delicately flavoured frangipane-style favourite.

best-pastry-recipes-blue.jpg Blueberry tart
This tart is made with a slightly sweet crust and is topped with a handful of lovely berries.

best-pastry-recipes-tarts.jpg Savoury and sweet tart recipes
Try any of these scrumptious tart recipes for a tasty treat.

best-pastry-recipes-scones.jpg Cranberry scones
Tart cranberry and zesty lemon collide in this sweet union of fearless flavours.

best-pastry-recipes-pumpkin.jpg Pumpkin orange scones
With the perfect mixture of pumpkin and spices, this scone is a delectable fall treat.

best-pastry-recipes-brown.jpg Raspberry-brown butter-creme fraiche tart
This raspberry tart will satisfy the sweet cravings of any fruit lover!

best-pastry-recipes-meyer.jpg Raspberry and Meyer lemon cream tart
A fruity feast for the senses featuring a pucker-up-and-kiss-me combination of tart and sweet.

best-pastry-recipes-crepes.jpg Strawberry, rhubarb and mascarpone crepes
A not-too-sweet-sensory indulgence infused with the first delightful offerings of summer.

best-pastry-recipes-whoop.jpg Whoopie pie
Take a delicious bite out of your childhood with this sweet marshmallow infused cookie-sandwich recipe.

best-pastry-recipes-french.jpg French vanilla madeleines
Try making this French classic at home. It's easier than you might think.

best-pastry-recipes-scrumpt.jpg Scrumptious pie recipes
Whether you prefer your desserts tart or sweet these pie recipes are sure to satisfy your taste buds!

best-pastry-recipes-berry.jpg Fresh berry tart and honey mascarpone
Summer berries and honey mascarpone fill this delicious tart.

best-pastry-recipes-galette.jpg Plum and almond galette
Celebrate the coming of warmer weather with this juicy plum galette with almonds.

best-pastry-recipes-lime.jpg Key lime cream pie with billowy meringue
Tart and sweet, light and creamy, this pie will be a treat for everyone.

best-pastry-recipes-angel.jpg Chocolate angel pie
Give your dinner guests a taste of heaven with this chocolate angel pie.

best-pastry-recipes-cobbler.jpg Old-time blackberry cobbler
Gather around the dinner table with this recipe for old-time blackberry cobbler.

best-pastry-recipes-scotch.jpg Butterscotch pie
Channel your inner southern belle with this sweet and silky butterscotch pie recipe.

best-pastry-recipes-martha.jpg Martha Stewart's yogurt and blueberry pie
Try Martha Stewart's sweet spin on the breakfast parfait with this pie recipe.

best-pastry-recipes-coconut.jpg Martha Stewart's crisp coconut and chocolate pie
Who knew such a seductively sweet pie could be so simple? Martha Stewart makes this dessert recipe easy to enjoy.

best-pastry-recipes-pies.jpg 25 pie recipes
These sweet and savoury pie recipes are ideal for a large family dinner or for a quiet dinner at home.

best-pastry-recipes-frangipane.jpg Frangipane tart
This custard-filled tart is so delectable with a sweet and tart combination of berries.

best-pastry-recipes-blueberry.jpg Blueberry cobbler
Blueberry cobbler is one of those rustic, heartwarming dishes that is sure to please.

best-pastry-recipes-lemon-pie.jpg Lemon meringue pie
This lemon meringue pie is the perfect tart and sweet treat for any day of the week.

best-pastry-recipes-pie.jpg Pumpkin pie
Spiced with rum, this pumpkin pie is a delicious fall classic that will have your guests begging for more.

best-pastry-recipes-classic.jpg Classic lemon tart
This classic lemon tart gives you best of both worlds -- the tartness of lemon and the sweetness of sugar.

best-pastry-recipes-vanilla.jpg Vanilla macarons
Indulge in sweetness with this classic French treat.

best-pastry-recipes-naps.jpg Strawberry napoleons
A deliciously sweet and fabulously easy strawberry dessert recipe.

best-pastry-recipes-mildred.jpg Mildred's scones
A brunch classic, these famous scones from Mildred Pierce restaurant will have guests begging for the

best-pastry-recipes-cookie.jpg Madeleines
Savour these sweet treats with a cup of tea or coffee when you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

best-pastry-recipes-fudge.jpg Chocolate-filled macarons
Try these legendary treats from French pastry chef Pierre Hermé.

best-pastry-recipes-tartlet.jpg Lemon cream tartlets with wild forest berries
This berry-licious dessert is full of European charm.

best-pastry-recipes-crumptes.jpg Crumpets
Try these scrumptious crumpets perfect for your afternoon English tea.

best-pastry-recipes-tatin.jpg Pear tarte tatin
This pastry of pears mixed with lemon juice and cinnamon is the perfect dinner party dessert.

best-pastry-recipes-choc.jpg Chocolate tart
This is a sophisticated dessert to end a late-night dinner with friends.

best-pastry-recipes-souffle.jpg Crystallized ginger and fallen chocolate soufflés
This decadent and delicious chocolate dessert is sure to impress.

best-pastry-recipes-spread.jpg Chocolate dream scone with mascarpone spread
This flaky, dark yet delicate, chocolate buttermilk scone will rival any others you’ve ever tasted.

best-pastry-recipes-bitter.jpg Marmalade and bittersweet chocolate tart
A perfect treat to accompany a hot cup of tea, these chocolate tarts step it up with a zesty mandarin flavour.

best-pastry-recipes-torte.jpg Rustic California walnut torte
Have your guests reaching for seconds with this delish walnut torte.

best-pastry-recipes-old.jpg Old-fashioned butter tarts
Butter tarts are a Canadian favourite and we've got a classic recipe to curb your craving.

best-pastry-recipes-apple.jpg Classic apple pie
Make your Thanksgiving feast a winner with this classic apple pie.

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Our sweetest pastry recipes