10 trends to incorporate into your home in 2019

10 trends to incorporate into your home in 2019

10 trends to incorporate into your home in 2019

From geometrics to high-contrast marble, these home design elements are going to get major play.

New year, new you… and maybe a new design aesthetic, too. If you’re looking to reinvigorate your home with fresh accessories, furnishings or finishes, consider letting one of these trends propel your space into 2019.


Mixed finishes

While Kirsten Marshall of Palmerston Design Consultants Inc. says that brushed brass and gold metals have been on trend for a while, she recommends pairing them with other finishes for 2019. Powder-coated black, polished nickel and stainless steel are a few of her faves for adding “lovely layers to the space.” Start out in the bathroom, where there are plenty of elements to mix and match.


Curved furniture

Ditch hard angles and straight lines for tables and seating with soft curves, says Jaclyn Genovese of Spaces by Jacflash. “Rounded, curvy furniture creates a softer, more inviting look and establishes a contemporary update to more traditional spaces,” she says.




Photography: Stephani Buchman | Story: A Modern, Cali-Inspired Living Room

Another favourite 2019 trend for Jaclyn Genovese is geometric patterns, but, as with any loud craze, she suggests using them in areas that are easy and affordable to change up. “Instead of investing in something permanent like a geometric stair runner, opt for geometric pillows for your sofa or peel-and-stick wallpaper,” she says.


Global influence


Photography: Virginia Macdonald | Story: Bold and Eclectic With With Global Flair

Ideal for world travellers, flea-market scavengers and art collectors, interiors with global influence do the trick for designer Amanda Hamilton. “I love a global aesthetic, where people aren’t afraid to mix rustic vintage pieces with a contemporary interior,” she says. Start in a public area of the home like the living or dining room and use design elements to “showcase what you love and what you’re passionate about,” which can then spark conversation.


Saturated hues

“Goodbye beige and grey,” say Erin Coe and Carey Mudford of Coe Mudford Interior Design. “We are thrilled to see the push towards lush and saturated hues. Imagine an all-white living room with a bright emerald green velvet sofa. Into it!” While they say vibrant colours can be used in any space, they do suggest proceeding with caution as it’s easy to go overboard. “When going for a large, bold statement piece, the rest of the pieces should be quieter.”



For designer Sahra Samnani of, the idea of bridging the gap between interior design and wellness is an exciting prospect as we move into 2019. “There's new information about the health of the materials we use, the type of lighting we need depending on our circadian rhythms, non-wasteful practices and the importance of furniture placement,” she says. “I think people are keen on learning how their homes can serve them better and thinking beyond having a space that just looks beautiful.”


Mix old and new, masculine and feminine

“A large trend I am very fond of is mixing old and new, masculine and feminine touches, because it can add a lot of depth and character,” says designer Jamie Banfield.  One example he gives is pairing a “very elegant and ornate door style with a modern colour such as Benjamin Moore Elephant Gray (2109-50),” one of his favourite shades for 2019.


Kitchen and laundry room wallpaper

Instead of a standard feature wall in the living room or bedroom, designers Trevor Ciona and Curtis Elmy of Atmosphere Interior Design are fans of wall-to-wall wallpaper, especially in unexpected rooms like the kitchen or laundry room. It’s a bold choice, but one that pays off with major style points. 


High-contrast marble


Photography: Helen Norman | Story: A Pet-Friendly Home with Country-Chic Decor

For lovers of luxe finishes and statement pieces, this one’s for you. Designer Alex Dampsey of AD Design says her favourite trend for 2019 is high-contrast marble. Whether you go for a light-hued slab with thick black or grey veins, or something a little darker with white veining, it can be used anywhere from a countertop or backsplash to a fireplace surround.




Photography: Maxime Desbiens | Story: An Artsy Montreal Apartment With French Girl Charm

“Even though trends come and go, the styles that are out there are really expanding and giving homeowners the license and ability to create colourful, interesting and one-of-a-kind spaces,” says designer Tiffany Pratt. “The more that’s out there, the more open we all feel to be ourselves and decorate our homes our way.” So don’t just follow trends, she says, but focus on letting your personal taste show through “everywhere and anywhere, in every room, nook and cranny, in your car and in your wardrobe.” 



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10 trends to incorporate into your home in 2019