Designers reveal fall 2018’s hottest interior design trends

Designers reveal fall 2018’s hottest interior design trends

Image: Ashley Capp | Design: Christine Dovey | Story: A Designer's Kitchen Goes From Pink and Pretty to Chic and Contemporary


Designers reveal fall 2018’s hottest interior design trends

Incorporate these trends into your quarters this season for the most stylish abode.

The days are slowly getting shorter and like it or not, fall is in the air. This means that soon, we’ll be spending more time indoors, enjoying the cozy comforts of home. With lots of indoor time on the horizon, why not transform your space into a place that you can’t wait to retreat to at the end of the day? We checked in with Canadian designers to find out what design trends are leading the way for Fall 2018, and we think you’ll want to give them a try! 


1. Curved Furniture

From my work as a 2018 Style Spotter for High Point Market (the world’s largest furniture market) as well as my observations from Maison et Objet in Paris, I would unequivocally say that curved furniture is the hottest trend of the year. That said, to call it a trend is not entirely fair. It is more accurately a revival the best of the Art Deco and French Modernism movements. The beauty of these timeless yet modern shapes is that they can be effortless integrated into almost any aesthetic and as such, are future-proof design investments. The simple elegance of curved lines will never grow tired, and they integrate beautifully when juxtaposed with hard, rectilinear shapes such as a tuxedo chair, square bunching tables or crisp wall paneling details.
– Sarah Walker, The Curated House


2. Curved Designs

The curvy shape is now manifesting itself in bigger, bolder ways. We are seeing curved cabinetry in kitchen design, where the end cabinetry has rounded door profiles to add softness to a utilitarian space. We are also seeing bookcases with arched tops that makes them oh-so-romantic and much less ordinary.  In architecture, arched doors and doorways are making a statement to bring focus to special spaces and to make for lovely transitions from room to room.
– Orsi Panos, Interior Design Consultant, Orsi Panos Interiors


3. Feature walls

A big trend within the world of design is feature walls.  I’m not talking about colour blocking, where you paint one wall in a room a vivid colour. This trend takes it one step further by actually featuring a wall in a room with a textured application, whether you use wood, tile, stone, or my prediction, big contemporary floral murals using greys whites black and rose colours. The bigger the better and only on one wall so that it will act like an expensive piece of art. Whether you use it in your bedroom as a headboard or in your living room where everyone gathers around and talks about this fantastic piece of art, it will definitely be a showstopper. Wall murals now come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and various themes. So if florals are not your thing, consider a mural of a landscape or favourite city. If murals aren’t for you, try featuring a wall with a whitewashed brick veneer. This will give the look of the exposed brick once found in older homes or warehouse settings. For wood applications, use large picture box mouldings painted white or in a vivid dark green or blue or whatever complements your furniture and accessories. When it comes to tiles, don’t just use them just for backsplashes and floor coverings. You can also use them as a feature wall. Use a 2x8 herringbone marble to cover a feature wall, or handmade cement/encaustic tile, which comes in a wide variety of shapes, patterns and colours. Talk about personality! 
– Margie Doyle White of Doyle Design Group, 416-317-6344


4. Rich hues

We are seeing a movement towards deep, rich hues like navy, which create a striking backdrop for today’s warmer metals. Brass, gold and copper simply glow against these dark, sophisticated hues, adding a bit of drama. The easiest way to incorporate colour into a room is through accessories such as toss cushions or a throw. Minimal investment for maximum results!  Versatile navy can be used as an accent or a neutral. Think of your favourite pair of jeans — everything just works together so effortlessly.   
- Andrea Colman, Principal Interior Designer, Fine Finishes Design Inc. 


5. Geometric patterns

From fashion runways to home decor previews, graphic geometric patterns are popping up everywhere. Think: circles, boxes and diamonds. These mathematical figures from our childhood will once again dominate our homes. Infused with soft delicate pastels and vibrant rainbow hues, it's one of the hottest trends you need to try this fall. TIP: Don't be intimidated! From show-stopping murals and wall arts to sensational floor covering and furniture pieces, the applications of these graphic geometric patterns are only limited by your imagination. 
- Tim Lam, Designer, Design Maze


6. Black cabinetry

I’m seeing black cabinetry in kitchens and other spaces more often and love the drama and moodiness that it can bring to a utilitarian space. If you don’t want to commit to black uppers and base cabinets, then you could keep the bases black and keep the uppers white or another light shade. You could also do black cabinetry on a short run of cabinets.
Vanessa Francis, Interior Decorator 



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Designers reveal fall 2018’s hottest interior design trends